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Finding Your Dream Client: A Heart-Centered Approach to Growing Your Business

authentic dream business dream cleint dream clients dream life joey ragona marketing podcast Apr 01, 2024

Have you ever poured your heart and soul into your business, only to feel like you're running in place? I've been there. But what I've learned—and what I want to share with you today—is that the real secret to success might not be about working harder. It's about finding and working with your dream clients. Let me take you through some of the insights I gained from a conversation with Joey Ragona on my podcast, Scaling Therapy Practice. Our discussion centered on a heart-centered approach to achieving your dream life and business by truly understanding who your dream clients are. The pivotal question we explored was, “Who are the people you want in your life?”


Understanding Your Dream Client

In my chat with Joey, one of the first eye-opening ideas we delved into was the concept of Dream Client DNA. Imagine having a client who not only gets excited about what you do but also resonates with your methods and even challenges you in ways that foster growth. That, right there, is your dream client. Joey's approach to heart-centered marketing is all about finding those people you're eager to help and who, in turn, help you become a better version of yourself. It's about being authentic and not having to resort to pushy marketing tactics.

Why Relationships Matter

Joey places a huge emphasis on the importance of building genuine relationships over merely making sales. It's about being your true self and not fearing judgment. "That's how you make best friends, isn't it?" Joey pointed out during our conversation. This highlights the critical role of authenticity in forging strong connections with your clients.

The 4% Multipliers

Another fascinating concept we discussed was the 4% multipliers. It's about doing those small things that you love every day, which cumulatively lead to significant progress. Joey likened it to learning to ride a bike—it might start off challenging, but it gets easier as you gain momentum. This analogy beautifully illustrates the importance of consistency and persistence in your business approach.

Serving, Not Selling

Both Joey and I are big proponents of adopting a service-over-sales mentality. "You don't have to convince anyone they want to do an online course... It's more about, am I filtering myself out here?" Joey explained. It's not about pressuring people into sales but about offering genuine help and guidance, which naturally supports the buyer’s journey.

Respecting the Client's Journey

An essential part of our discussion was recognizing and respecting where a client is in their journey. Not everyone will be ready to make a purchase or fully engage right away. "Respect their timeline," Joey advised, underscoring the value of patience and understanding in cultivating lasting relationships with clients.

Building Your Dream Business

We passionately talked about the importance of creating a business that doesn't just chase profits but fulfills a mission and aligns with your values. This alignment not only makes running a business more enjoyable but also more successful in the long run. “I used to think we had to be all things to all people to make a living,” I reflected. However, Joey taught me that focusing on serving the right people is infinitely more rewarding.

Finding Your Path

To wrap up, our conversation was a powerful reminder that success in business isn't about following the fastest strategies or the most cutting-edge tactics. It’s about finding your path, serving your clients genuinely, and building a business that reflects your passion and values.

Remember, building a thriving business requires time and dedication. But by focusing on your dream clients and serving their needs authentically, you're laying down a solid foundation for not just a successful business, but a fulfilling life as well. So, take these insights to heart, think about who your dream clients are, and start shaping your business to serve them. It's a journey worth embarking on, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.


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