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Course Creation Tools

What keeps knowledge experts from teaching their dream courses to their dream students?

Imposter Syndrome: Comparing yourself to “bigger names” and feeling insignificant.

Time Commitment: Afraid the amount of time needed will not be worth the results.

Sales and Marketing: Lacking confidence that people will actually purchase the course you create.

Technology: Overwhelmed by the blizzard of options in recording, hosting, and marketing tools.

Course Creation Tools

Why adding the revenue from an online course makes sense for a therapist

Online courses have great advantages over other methods of adding revenue to your practice. 

  • Once you make an online course they can be offered "evergreen" or always available
  • Online courses are easy to make with the tools you probably already have
  • Online courses do not come with the costs, space, and time demands of physical products
  • Online courses are perfect for a full group practice that wants a way to expend, but does not have space
  • Online courses are perfect for the solo practice owner who does not want to hire, buy more space, or manage people
  • Online courses create time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom so you do not always have to be behind a desk to make income

Why don't more therapists create passive income courses?

Some questions take you places in life that are unexpected. I wanted to know why more therapists and professional helpers do not have online courses as part of their service plan. In my experience, therapists are the perfect people to teach online courses because:

  • Therapists poses the higher education, supervision, and experience to deliver life changing content
  • Therapists deliver well thought out and worthy messages
  • Therapists developed (over years of practice) a skill, technique, or specialty that gets results
Therapists are the perfect group to offer online courses

You deserve to make a lasting impact on the world with your expert knowledge and generate financial freedom from it, even while you sleep. 

James Marland, Founder, Course Creation Studio


Claim your step-by-step guide for generating online income and impact

Use what you know, love, and can do to create an online course that supports others and generates freedom for yourself. You have the ideas and expert knowledge, all you need is a guide. Create, promote, and sell the online course you will love in easy to follow steps. After completing this course you will be able to build a sustainable, scalable, and stackable online course program. Topics covered include:

  • Clarifying your skill into a marketable idea

  • Confidence your topic connects to your niche audience

  • Inviting people and serving them instead of selling

  • Crafting a web page that build your customer base

  • Creating course content that delivers on your promise

  • Automating your knowledge income product

  • Regularly inviting more people to join you


Course Creation Tools


wise practice podcast

Whitney Owens, Wise Practice Podcast and Whitney Owens Consulting

"I have worked with James on multiple projects such as course creation and podcast production. He is detailed and thoughtful with his work. He sees your passion and helps you deliver it in a unique way. He listens and teaches you how to convey your ideas. You will not only grow your business but also enjoy learning from him." 

Mandy Bass,  Rubicon Counseling

"James was amazing at helping me get organized and motivated to complete my goal of creating extra passive income through creating my own program. His guidance was easy to follow and he was supportive throughout the whole process. Would recommend his expertise to anyone looking to create a new program or improve upon an existing program. Thank you so much, James, for all your help!"

Chris McDonald, Holistic Counseling Podcast

"I was so thankful for finding James Marland and the value in the Knowledge Income Navigator. I felt overwhelmed and unsure about how to get started with my course and the steps I needed to take to be successful. His course helped me learn the steps I needed to take, build confidence in my ability to offer this and so many resources to get it off the ground. His ongoing support has been amazing.
I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to build their business by offering courses."

Follow The 6-Step Process for getting your content online and creating personal freedom


Your first step is to clarify your idea and determine if it solves a problem. 


If you don't have students, the best course in the world won't make you any money. 


Build confidence teaching your course for the first time. 


You can make a great looking course using the tools that you already have or that are low cost. 

Product Launch

Launch your course to an audience who want what you have to offer.

Profit Automatically

Use the simple steps to offer your course day and night, freeing you from the desk. 

S. David Hall, PsyD, Founder & Creative Lead of PsychMaven

Not only does James bring a wealth of experience from his years of work from the logistical side of the mental health profession, he also has a natural and rare gifting to clearly identify obstacles and creatively work toward solutions in ways that are of immeasurable benefit for any helping professional who is looking for improvements in their businesses and opportunities. He has been a pleasure to work with and for anyone who might be exploring services and collaboration with James, it is my belief that you will see good return on your investment.

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Course Creation Tools