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In life, you are the main character of your own story. You either write your own story or let someone write it for you. 




Everyone has a story that we can learn from, if we just take the time to listen. Do not waste life's pain.  




We can all reach the top together when we treat others how we want to be treated.




I have always thought my job was my security. Even though I have dreamed of creating a business that would provide for my family and impact the world, I let my fear of failure get in the way. I bought into the view that getting an education, then a regular job, and a paycheck would keep me safe and secure. If I  just worked hard enough and followed the corporate path I would be rewarded. I bought into the lie that if I build other people's dreams I would be taken care of and rewarded.   

When it came time to go to college, I chose a career path in business administration not because I was a wizard with numbers  but because I afraid of being poor. I thought working with money would make me rich. Fear was writing my life story and I was happy to believe the half-truths. 




After college I went to work at a Shelter for Children. At the shelter my heart broke for neglected children and I fell in love with mental health services. I spent 3 rewarding years there keeping some of the most vulnerable children safe and cared for. When I look back, some of the most difficult and rewarding times of my life were when I worked with those precious kids. I loved being able to help those who were often discarded and forgotten by the world. I worked in social services and the mental health system for 16 years. During that time I earned an MBA because "That is what you need to do to advance." Once again, someone else was writing my story. 




With a wife and an adopted son to take care of I threw myself into my career. I put my hope in the company and worked hard for them. I followed the path expected of me. I thought working hard and my education would protect me and keep me safe and secure. But eventually the small free standing mental health facility was purchased by a larger hospital system. In less than a year my old bosses were gone and my position was eliminated.  



I decided to work for a start-up and build in my own security by working hard. Those were great times of growth and success. I thought "Finally, I am safe." In 3 short years I took the company from making $10,000 to over $450,000. I thought I would be rewarded for my work, but then the unthinkable happened AGAIN. The company I helped to build from 3 employees to up to 20 employees was sold. A business decision eliminated my security. I was once again out of a job.




With my safety and security dashed, I really felt like something has to change. The realty that I was not the master of my own destiny weighed heavily on me and I felt foolish for not seeing it sooner. Once again I had put my faith in others and let someone else control my destiny. When was I going to learn to invest in myself and build my own security?   





It was at this point that I realized I had not been writing my own story. I had been letting other people and circumstances dictate my path in life. My desire for peace and a risk free life had actually put me in the most risk. I was now vulnerable and unprotected, again. A tough life lesson was "You need to create your own security." So, I decided to take control and break out of my comfort zone, stop building someone else's dream,  and start working on my dream.




And that's why I created Knowledge Income Navigator. My mission is to take back the story of my life and help others do the same. My courses are designed to empower people to break free from fear of failure and  letting others dictate your path. I help people write their own story and create freedom and security for themselves while making a massive impact in the world with their expert knowledge. It takes hard work and determination, but I believe that you can take action to create your own own security and stability.






And who better to help than the helpers of the world? I have spent two decades working with Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and a whole host of other mental health professionals. Their mission to improve lives is also my mission. I want to help people who want to make the world a better place. I am convinced the therapists of the world have the experience and expert knowledge to make a lasting change in the world and create income from it. 

The amount of people that can be helped by online courses is countless. From the therapist who wants to teach other therapists how to run a group practice to the psychologist who wants to help anxious teens with tests, there is a lot we can do together. What good do you want to do? How can I help you?  





In my free time I love camping with friends. I still use a tent and I am thankful for the invention of air mattresses. While I am not creating online courses I produce the show the Wise Practice Podcast with Whitney Owens, I write show notes for The Kindness and Compassion Podcast with Gordon Brewer, and I host and Produce my own Podcast with Dr. David Hall from PsychMaven called The Scaling Therapy Practice. I will be celebrating my 25th anniversary to me wonderful wife Lorinda on July 4th 2023. My son is 18, and says he will be moving out after high school graduation this year, but I am not so sure about that. 




Start Writing Your Own Story

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