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Discovering Your God-Given Purpose with John Rennie: Empowering Leaders to Transform Lives

Season #3

Discovering Your God-Given Purpose with John Rennie of Brushfire Ministries In this episode of Scaling Therapy Practice, host James Marland interviews John Rennie from Brushfire Ministries. They discuss John’s journey from running a business software company to founding a ministry aimed at helping believers find their God-given purpose. The conversation covers the significance of purpose statements, the role of identity in Christ, and the impact of fulfilling one's divine purpose for personal joy and broader church community benefits. John also shares insights into Brushfire Ministries' workshops and assessments used to uncover individual strengths and placements within the body of Christ.

Show Highlights

  • 00:00 Introduction to Scaling Therapy Practice
  • 00:21 Meet John Rennie of Brushfire Ministries
  • 00:39 John's Journey from Business to Ministry
  • 02:24 Discovering a New Purpose 03:00 The Power of Personality Assessments
  • 04:44 Creating a Purpose Statement
  • 06:39 The Importance of Identity in Christ
  • 12:52 Joy and Fulfillment through Purpose 1
  • 9:00 The Role of Psychometric Assessments
  • 22:34 Encouraging Others to Find Their Purpose
  • 36:27 John's Vision for the Church
  • 37:30 Conclusion and How to Get Involved