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Short, Sweet, and Successful: The Ideal Online Course Length |STP76

Season #3

Optimizing Online Course Length: Delivering Results Efficiently

In this episode of the Scaling Therapy Practice, James Marland discusses the upcoming rebranding of the podcast and emphasizes the importance of creating impactful online courses for therapists, coaches, and mental health professionals.

Key points include determining the optimal course length by focusing on delivering results, understanding the promise of the course, and engaging students through efficient content and interactive elements. Additionally, effective strategies like regular feedback, cohort meetings, and email reminders are highlighted to keep learners motivated and on track.

Show Highlights

  • 00:00 Welcome to Scaling Therapy Practice
  • 00:28 Podcast Title Update
  • 00:47 Why Create Online Courses?
  • 01:14 Optimizing Course Length
  • 03:21 Understanding Your Audience's Needs
  • 06:05 Delivering on the Promise
  • 10:01 Engaging Course Strategies
  • 12:07 Gathering Feedback and Iteration
  • 13:24 Conclusion and Call to Action