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From Doubt to Action: Why Great Ideas Never Become Online Courses

Season #3

Overcoming Barriers to Launching Online Courses with Lorinda Marland

In this special episode of the Scaling Therapy Practice, the host interviews his talented wife, Lorinda Marland, about the common barriers to launching online courses. They delve into reasons such as self-belief and imposter syndrome, managing the technical aspects of course creation, and effective content organization. Lorinda shares her experiences as the Director of Team Experience at a virtual assistant company, providing insights on training, client management, and more. Additionally, practical tips and AI tools for course creation are discussed to help mission-driven individuals realize their dreams of creating impactful content.

Show Highlights

  • 00:00 Introduction to Scaling Theory Practice
  • 00:45 Meet Lorinda: Insights from a Virtual Assistant Director
  • 01:15 Overcoming Barriers to Launching Online Courses
  • 01:53 Podcast Name Change Announcement
  • 02:32 Course Creation Studio and AI Tools
  • 05:03 Driving Home: A Casual Conversation
  • 06:42 Lorinda's Journey and Expertise
  • 10:09 Challenges and Mindset Shifts
  • 16:06 Technology and Course Creation
  • 5:03 Standing Out in a Crowded Market
  • 31:20 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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