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Empowering Financial Control with the Profit First System with Insights Susanne Mariga | STP71

Season #3

Maximizing Business Profits with the Profit First System

In this episode of 'Scaling Therapy Practice,' host James Marland discusses the importance and implementation of the Profit First system for enhancing financial management in therapy practices. CPA and fractional CFO Susanne Mariga joins the conversation, sharing her expertise in applying Profit First strategies to help businesses achieve financial health. The episode covers the basics of the Profit First methodology, its psychological benefits, and practical steps to adapt it for any business, including therapy practices. Additionally, James and Susanne answer questions about restarting or introducing the Profit First system, managing cash flows, and optimizing tax strategies. The discussion highlights success stories, starting small with financial changes, and emphasizes using Profit First to create new revenue streams. Susanne offers resources for listeners looking to implement Profit First and advises on engaging with accountants and adjusting financial strategies gradually for improved business profitability.

Show Highlights

  • 00:00 Welcome and Introduction to Profit First
  • 00:36 Meet Susanne Mariga: Profit First Expert
  • 02:13 Deep Dive into Profit First with Susanne Mariga
  • 10:36 Implementing Profit First: Practical Steps and Stories
  • 12:34 Restarting and Optimizing Profit First in Your Business
  • 26:00 Success Stories and Final Thoughts on Profit First

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