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Mission-Driven Passion with Angela Griffin, the Christian S_xpert | STP67

Season #3

Mission-Driven Passion: Crafting Courses Intimacy with Angela Griffin

In this episode of the Scaling Therapy Practice podcast, host James Marland invites Angela Griffin, the Christian Sexpert, to discuss the intersections of sexuality, intimacy in marriage, and challenges stemming from purity culture within the evangelical church. They explore how Angela leveraged her unique perspective and expertise to develop an online course aimed at improving sexual intimacy and communication between partners, specifically targeting those affected by purity culture. The conversation highlights the importance of mission-driven entrepreneurship as Angela shares insights on identifying one's niche, engaging with target audiences, and the logistical considerations of launching an online course. Angela's story exemplifies how addressing delicate topics with respect and expertise can facilitate significant personal and relationship growth.

00:00 Welcome and Introduction to the Podcast
00:30 Exploring Sex and Intimacy in Marriage
01:48 The Journey of Starting an Online Course Business
04:37 Angela Griffin: The Christian Sexpert's Story
05:53 Breaking Down Purity Culture
08:34 Angela's Personal Journey and Mission
13:36 Launching an Online Course: Angela's Strategy
14:52 Identifying and Serving Your Dream Client
16:55 Overcoming the Roommate Stage in Marriage
21:04 Faith-Based Approach to Relationship Enhancement
21:22 Creating Content with Universal Value
22:47 Addressing the Importance of Sex in Marriage
23:54 Exploring Intimacy Beyond Physical Connection
25:00 Empowering Conversations for Better Relationships
26:47 Identifying the Right Audience for Relationship Improvement
31:49 Navigating Course Creation and Content Delivery Challenges
38:41 Engaging with the Audience and Offering Resources

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Life Compass Blueprint: Your Personal Pathway Alignment Guide so you can put authentic action into everyday

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