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How do you know when you've done enough customer research?

course navigation launching research season 3 Mar 15, 2024
Episode 62 - Client research

Hey there, wonderful creators and visionary educators! Welcome back. Today, we're diving into a topic that's close to my heart and crucial for your journey: the art and science of customer research. How do you know when you've done enough? Let's unravel this together, ensuring you step forward with confidence to launch your transformative online course.


The Heart of Customer Research:
I can't stress enough the pivotal role of customer research. It's not about clocking in hours but about reaching a depth of understanding that aligns your course's heartbeat with your audience's needs. Missing the mark on research can lead to missed connections, sales, and opportunities to make a meaningful impact.

Your Compass for Enough Research:
Navigating the vast sea of customer research can feel daunting, right? Here are some beacons to guide you to your "enough":

  1. Discover Your Superpowers: Reflect on what makes you unique—your skills, passion, and the magic you bring to the table. This clarity fuels the creation of a course that genuinely resonates.
  2. Step Into Your Students' Shoes: Immerse yourself in their world. What hurdles are they facing? What dreams do they chase? Understanding their journey is key to crafting a course that feels like a bridge to their aspirations.
  3. Look for a response: The best indicator that you have done enough research is that your dream students are responding to your messages. When people are responding, you are connecting to their inner hopes, dreams, pains, and problems. 
  4. Keep at it: As you talk to more people you will uncover some hidden pains, problems, and dreams. They will use language that is jargon-free and full of rich emotional meaning. You may never truly end your research, but every conversation adds to your knowledge and ability to communicate in your dream student's language. 

The MVP Approach:
Inspired by the lean startup's MVP model, I encourage you to consider your course a living, breathing entity. Launch it when it's in a state that genuinely helps students leap from their challenges to their goals. It's about the transformation, not the bells and whistles.

Dialogue and Connection:
Engage in heartfelt conversations with potential students. Listen to their stories, struggles, and successes. This connection will not only enrich your course but also build a community eager to grow with you.

Embrace Imperfection and Launch:
Perfection is a myth that holds us back. Launching your course, even in its infancy, is a step towards growth—for you and your students. Start with a beta version, gather feedback, and refine. Remember, every incredible journey begins with a single step.

Knowing when you've researched "enough" is a blend of intuition and action. It's about aligning your inner wisdom with your audience's needs and daring to take that leap. With empathy, understanding, and a dash of courage, you're not just launching a course but a legacy.

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Episode 62 handout: Customer Journey Map

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