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STP 72 | Who is my Ideal Client?

clients marketing promise value May 31, 2024
Clarifying Your Marketing Message to be Discovered by Your Ideal Student

Finding Your Ideal Client: A Beacon for Course Creators

Hello, this is James Marland from the Scaling Therapy Practice Podcast, brought to you by Our mission is to empower mission-driven leaders and helpers to launch life-changing online courses. This season, we’re diving deep into the art of course creation, and today’s focus is on finding your ideal client using our handy tool, the Ideal Client Beacon. 


Who is Your Ideal Client?

Understanding your ideal client is crucial. Imagine your perfect client shining like a beacon in a crowd. You need to know who they are to ensure your message reaches them. This week, we’ll explore how to identify and connect with your ideal client so your message stands out like a lighthouse guiding ships to shore. When marketing online courses, the better you can identify your ideal client, the better they will stand out to you. 

The Importance of Knowing Your Ideal Client for Course Creators

Why is it so important to know your ideal client? As Seth Godin says, "Don't find customers for your product; find products for your customers." Your business should be built around what you can do best and who you can help the most. If you don’t know who your ideal client is, you’ll end up chasing customers, and your business will run you instead of the other way around. Knowing your exact target helps you create a business that’s sustainable and fulfilling for you.

Clarifying Your Marketing Message to be Discovered by Your Ideal Student

When you clarify your message and identify who should be listening to you, your message shines like gold. This makes it easier for your ideal client to find you, and for you to find them. Your business needs to be built around what you can do best. This means understanding your superpower—what you can do the easiest, quickest, and best.

Identifying Your Core Values

To attract your right client, your core values must align with theirs. For example, if you value community, family, and belonging, your ideal client should too. One of my favorite quotes by Zig Ziglar is, "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." This reflects my core value of helping others achieve their dreams. If you share similar values, you’re more likely to connect with me and benefit from my courses.

Understanding Your Client's Crisis

What crises or challenges are your clients facing? Knowing this helps you address their urgent problems effectively. For instance, a parent whose child is struggling with school anxiety needs solutions to help their child succeed. A business owner who feels they are wasting money on ineffective marketing needs a solution to get better returns. Understanding these crises helps you define the problems and pains your clients face, making your solution more relevant and appealing.

Addressing Urgent Problems

Steve Jobs once said, "If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution." Identifying your clients’ urgent problems allows you to offer solutions that genuinely help. For example, a business owner struggling with marketing might need a cost-effective strategy that yields better results. By defining their problem, you can create a clear promise of value.

Articulating Your Promise

What unique value do you offer? Your promise should clearly state how you help your clients. For instance, I help mission-driven leaders and helpers launch life-changing online courses. This is my value proposition, and it’s essential to articulate yours just as clearly. Your value proposition helps you stand out from the competition and connects you with your ideal clients.

Visualizing the Outcome

What transformation do you offer your clients? As Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." Help your clients visualize the positive changes your solution brings. Whether it’s a business owner seeing increased revenue or a parent watching their child thrive, the clearer you can describe the transformation, the more your clients will believe in your solution.


In summary, finding your ideal client starts with knowing your superpower and core values. Understand your clients’ crises, problems, and pains, and clearly articulate the promise of your solution. Visualize the positive outcomes to help your clients see the value you bring. 

If you want to dive deeper into this process, download the Ideal Client Beacon from our resource links down below. It’s free when you sign up for our newsletter, which also offers additional resources and opportunities to help you build your audience and online course.

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