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Embracing Kajabi for Podcast Hosting: A Business-Savvy Decision

host kajabi podcasting May 06, 2024
Episode 69 - Kajabi as a podcast hosting platform in 2024

Why I Choose Kajabi for Effective Podcast Hosting

Hello, I'm James Marland, and in today's post, I'll share why Kajabi is my preferred platform for hosting the Scaling Therapy Practice podcast. My decision is deeply rooted in my values: simplicity, value, and integration.

Simplicity: A Platform That Works

"I like simple. I like something that you turn it on, and it works." This is why I equate Kajabi to the reliability of an Apple phone—it's straightforward, dependable, and nearly impossible to break. For someone who appreciates simplicity in technology, Kajabi offers an intuitive user interface that removes the complexity often associated with digital platforms.

Value: More Than Just a Hosting Platform

"I think about how I'm going to benefit most from my purchase." Kajabi isn’t just a podcast hosting platform; it integrates several necessary tools for running an online course business—all under one roof. This consolidation provides incredible value, especially considering the cost and effort of managing multiple services separately.

Integration: Everything in One Place

"One of the reasons I chose Kajabi is its integration." Everything from podcasting, course management, and community building to email marketing is interconnected within Kajabi. This synergy is particularly advantageous for maintaining consistency and quality across different aspects of your digital presence.

Streamlined Podcast Production and Distribution

Setting up and distributing a podcast on Kajabi is seamless. "The platform provided clear, step-by-step instructions and coaching for major distributors like iTunes and Spotify." The integration with newsletters and other content forms simplifies the workflow, allowing for more consistent and regular publishing.

Enhanced Engagement Through the Creator Program

Kajabi’s Creator Program is a standout feature that transforms a single recording into multiple content formats. "It’s really slick... It helps with listener engagement as if you have more content to put out there, and it's easy for you to do, then it is a great tool." This program is particularly useful for those who prefer to focus more on content creation than on the technical aspects of editing and distribution.

Dependable Support and Robust Community

Kajabi offers excellent support and a vibrant community. "It’s like a buffet of learning... They have an AI on their platform that is good, but if you can't get the AI to help you, their chat often got my answer in five minutes or less." This level of support is crucial for quickly resolving issues and learning how to use the platform effectively.

Quick Start Guide: Launching Your Podcast on Kajabi

  1. Set Up Your Podcast

    • Navigate to ‘Products’ in your dashboard and select ‘Podcast’.
    • Fill in your podcast details like title, host information, and description.
  2. Customize Your Podcast

    • Set the language and category, and customize the appearance to match your branding.
  3. Create and Manage Episodes

    • Add new episodes with titles and descriptions, and upload audio files.
    • Organize episodes into seasons or categories as needed.
  4. Distribution

    • Set up distribution channels to ensure your podcast reaches listeners across platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.
  5. Engage Your Audience

    • Use Kajabi’s tools to enhance listener engagement through the Creator Program, turning episodes into diverse content forms.
  6. Analyze and Adapt

    • Monitor your podcast’s performance with Kajabi’s analytics tools to adapt and evolve your content strategy.


If you want to streamline your podcast production and extend your digital footprint, Kajabi offers a robust platform that meets diverse needs. "If you're thinking about starting a podcast... I highly recommend Kajabi. It includes most of the things you'll need for your business."

For those interested in exploring Kajabi, click here, Kajabi, to start your free trial and experience its benefits firsthand.


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