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Understanding Your Customers: A Guide for Course Creators

awareness clients marketing needs psychology of the sale Apr 29, 2024

Hello, practice owners and aspiring course creators! Today, we're diving deep into the world of customer needs and awareness. Mastering these concepts is like unlocking a secret code—it not only helps you connect with your audience but also boosts your confidence in your marketing strategies. Let's explore how you can use this understanding to enhance your connection with potential clients and improve your course offerings.


What Are Customer Needs?

Customer needs can be categorized into two types, each significant in its own right:

  • Implied Needs: These are the needs that customers may not explicitly voice but demonstrate through their actions. For instance, a customer repeatedly searching for stress management techniques likely needs help in that area, even if they haven't directly asked for it.
  • Explicit Needs: These needs are those that customers state openly. For example, if a customer tells you, "I need a course to improve my public speaking skills," they are clearly expressing an explicit need.

Understanding these needs is crucial, as Roy H. Williams wisely pointed out: “The first step in exceeding your customer's expectations is to know those expectations.”

Understanding Customer Awareness

In marketing, awareness of the customer's journey is paramount. This journey typically follows several stages:

  • Unaware: Customers at this stage do not realize they have a problem.
  • Problem-Aware: Customers recognize they have a problem but are not aware of the solutions.
  • Solution-Aware: At this stage, customers know solutions exist but are not aware of your specific course.
  • Product-Aware: Customers know about your course but need to understand why it is the best solution for them.
  • Most-Aware: These customers are ready to make a purchase but might need an additional nudge, like a special offer or extra feature.

As Damon Richards puts it, “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This sentiment is vital in guiding how we communicate at each stage of customer awareness.

How to Use This Information

The knowledge of customer needs and their stage of awareness is instrumental in crafting effective marketing messages:

  • Crafting Your Messages: Tailor your communication based on the customer's awareness stage. If they are at the Unaware stage, focus on educational content that highlights the problem your course addresses.
  • Developing Products: This insight allows you to create courses that meet the direct needs of your audience. If many of your potential customers have explicit needs around a topic like advanced photography, that's a strong signal to offer a course focused on that subject.
  • Boosting Confidence: The better you understand your customers, the more confidently you can speak about and market your courses. You'll know that what you're offering meets a real, expressed need.

Practical Tips for Course Creators

To effectively apply these insights in your course creation and marketing, consider the following approaches:

  • Listen Actively: Engage with your audience through forums, surveys, or social media. Pay close attention to their complaints and wishes—these are invaluable for understanding their needs.
  • Educate and Inform: Use your platforms to educate potential customers about the issues your courses solve. This approach is especially crucial for those still in the early stages of awareness.
  • Showcase Solutions: When your customers are aware that solutions exist, it's time to highlight why your course is the optimal choice. Focus on unique features and successful case studies.
  • Offer Guarantees: For those on the verge of purchasing, consider reducing their risk with offers like money-back guarantees or free trials. These can decisively influence their buying decisions.

Benjamin Franklin’s notion that “People are best convinced by reasons they themselves discover” underscores the importance of these strategies.


Understanding and addressing customer needs and awareness goes beyond mere selling—it's about genuinely connecting and making a significant impact. By focusing on these key aspects, you not only enhance your course offerings but also forge lasting relationships with your clients. Keep these insights in mind as you continue your journey in course creation. Remember, every exceptional course begins with a profound understanding of its future students. Here's to creating impactful and successful courses!

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