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Harnessing Core Values to Enhance Your Online Coaching Course

marketing strengths values May 17, 2024
Your Core Values Impact Your Online Course and Marketing

Harnessing Core Values to Enhance Your Online Coaching Course

Hey there, amazing creators!

I'm super excited to share a fantastic guide I've created with you. It's called "Soul Compass: Charting Your Core Values," and let me tell you, it's a game-changer for anyone looking to dive deep into what makes them tick and how to bring that authenticity into the online courses you're passionate about creating.

Discovering My Core Values

Before I embarked on my journey as a course creator, I wasn't entirely sure what my top strengths were. I was good at many things—listening, thinking, supporting, technology, working independently, solving puzzles, and being creative—but I struggled to identify my core strengths and how they aligned with others to connect with my ideal clients. This all changed when I did my strength finder and value worksheet.

Through this process, I highlighted many values around three core subjects: belonging, kindness, and discovery. These values have significantly influenced my work in course creation and have helped me create a more authentic and engaging experience for my students.

The Value of Community

One of the core subjects that emerged for me was the value of community. Words like family, friendship, relationship, religion, teamwork, and collaboration resonated deeply with me. I realized that I want to belong to a community and make sure others feel they belong too. This value stems from my childhood experience of changing schools 9 or 10 times and always feeling like an outsider. I never want anyone to feel left out, especially when embarking on something as challenging as course creation or adding a new business.

Creating a sense of community is crucial for any online coaching course. When students feel they belong, they are more likely to engage, participate, and succeed. This sense of belonging fosters confidence and helps students feel supported throughout their learning journey.

The Power of Kindness

Another core value that stood out to me was kindness. Words like compassion, concern for others, service, charity, giving, and making a difference encapsulated this value. I want to be kind to others, receive kindness, and make a difference in people's lives. This value is particularly important because I've often felt written off or ignored due to my slow speech or the struggle to finish my thoughts. I understand the pain of being dismissed and have compassion for those who feel unheard or unsupported.

Incorporating kindness into your course creation is essential. You create a positive and nurturing learning environment by showing genuine concern for your students and offering support. This approach helps students succeed and makes them feel valued and understood.

Embracing Discovery

The third core value I identified was discovery. Words like wonder, growth, exploration, and learning all point to my love for discovering new things. I'm a lifetime learner who loves to push boundaries and explore new paths. Whether it's taking a new route home to see different sights or diving deep into a new subject, discovery is a driving force in my life.

This value is incredibly beneficial in the realm of course creation. The excitement of discovering new ways to present information, engage students, and create impactful content keeps the process fresh and innovative. It allows you to stay ahead of the curve and continually improve your courses.

Applying Core Values to Course Creation

Understanding and embracing your core values can significantly enhance your online coaching course. These values help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and create a more authentic and engaging learning experience. Here's how I applied my core values to course creation:

  1. Community: I ensure my courses foster a sense of belonging and support. Students feel part of a community where they can share ideas, collaborate, and grow.

  2. Kindness: I approach every interaction with compassion and understanding. Creating a supportive and nurturing environment makes students feel valued and motivated to succeed.

  3. Discovery: I continuously seek new ways to enhance my courses. Whether through innovative teaching methods or exploring new topics, I strive to keep the learning experience exciting and engaging.

Application for mission-driven leaders

Creating an online course that resonates with your audience starts with understanding and embracing your core values. By doing so, you create a more authentic, engaging, and impactful learning experience.

Ready to take the next step? Sign up for our free consultation today and start your journey toward becoming a successful course creator. Keep shining, keep creating, and let's launch some life-changing online courses! The world needs more of your authentic mission-driven message.

Confidently Create Your Online Course

To dive even deeper into your values and mission and to create courses that truly resonate with your ideal audience. Enroll in our Confident Course Creator Course to access six additional powerful handouts designed to help you:

  • Strength Tracker: Mapping Your Personal Power
  • Ability Atlas: Charting Personal Gifts and Growth
  • Legacy Map: Your Personal Story of Strengths, Values, and Ideals
  • Life Compass Blueprint: Your Personal Pathway Alignment Guide
  • Destination Planner Workbook: Charting a Life Course
  • Pre-Trip Planning Guide: The Key to a Smooth Journey

Completing the exercises in these handouts will help you clarify your values and mission, identify your unique gifts and expertise, understand your ideal audience, and strategically plan your time and activities. These tools will ensure you stay aligned with your authentic self while building and launching your online course.

Don't wait! Download the Soul Compass handout and enroll in the Confident Course Creator Course today to start creating life-changing online courses that reflect your true mission and values. Click here to get started!


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