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Saying No to Say Yes: Aligning Values for Better Opportunities in Online Course Creation

no values May 24, 2024
TO create the best course you have to say no to some ideas and clients

Discovering Core Values in Online Course Creation: A Journey from Frustration to Clarity

In the world of online course creation, understanding and aligning with your core values is essential to ensure that you run your business and not the other way around. When you stay true to your values, you can avoid frustration and create a fulfilling and successful online course business. Here's a story from my own journey that highlights the importance of core values.

Starting Out: The Desperate Hustle

When I first started out in online course creation, I believed I needed every possible job, every scrap of opportunity to make it. I'd just been downsized by my previous company of three years, a company I had helped grow to triple its original footprint. When my services were no longer needed, I was unceremoniously fired. I felt the need to prove my worth, earn money, and regain my pride. I wanted to show my community and my wife that I was still valuable.

Desperation led me to take any job and any client possible, just to earn a buck. I took on social media creation jobs, leveraging my skills with Canva to produce months of content in a day. One client asked me to look at her social media and create posts like those she had already shared.

The Misalignment of Values

Right away, there was a problem. She didn't like the way I did hashtags. She didn't like the colors, saying the branding was off. She didn't like the content I produced. Whenever I asked for more information or specific instructions, she provided vague generalities. I felt stuck, trying to help and give her exactly what she wanted, but I ended up doing things over two or three times. Instead of making money, I was losing it.

Eventually, she decided to pause her social media, and I seized the opportunity to jump off the contract.

"What I learned about myself was that while I wanted contracts and customers, I did not want them at any price."

The Realization: Values Over Revenue

I realized that I valued having clients, but not at any cost. This client valued control and had a vision she struggled to communicate. I learned that I don't value keeping customers at any cost. There are some customers I have to say no to. The frustration I felt month after month, not being successful and not knowing how to fix it, taught me an important lesson.

Was this client a bad person? Absolutely not. She was highly respected and ran a great business. However, we were just not a great work fit.

Aligning Your Values in Online Course Creation: Questions to Consider

So, what is your best work fit in online course creation? Reflect on your core values to ensure they align with your business and your clients. Here are some questions to consider:

  1. What are some of your values that are must-haves?
  2. What are some of your values that are non-negotiables?
  3. What are some of your values that are absolute deal-breakers?

Embrace Your Core Values in Online Course Creation

Aligning your business with your core values helps you avoid frustration and leads to more fulfilling work in online course creation. By staying true to your values, you can ensure that you run your business, not vice versa. Remember, you are the most crucial person in your business. Honor and respect your own values and mission to create an online course creation business that truly serves you.

By sharing this story, I hope to inspire you to reflect on your own core values and ensure they are aligned with your online course creation business and your clients. Holding true to your values will help you build a successful and fulfilling business journey.

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