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10 Questions to Ask Before launching an Online Course

clarify the win clarity creating an online course why does it matter Apr 09, 2024

Hello, I’m James Marland, and I’m thrilled to share with you some heartening insights from my recent chat with the amazing Alaina Smith on my show, Scaling Therapy Practice. Alaina is on a remarkable journey to change lives by launching an online course designed for people grappling with betrayal trauma.

Alaina’s venture, Betrayal to Beauty, is more than just a website; it's a beacon of transformation for those entwined in the web of emotional and psychological turmoil. Her course aims to provide a pathway from pain to beauty, embracing the messiness and turning it into a masterpiece. 


The Essence of Alaina’s Mission

During our conversation, Alaina shared her personal and professional journey, which perfectly encapsulates the course's mission. As someone who has navigated the choppy waters of betrayal trauma firsthand, Alaina brings a unique authenticity and understanding to the table. Her story is a powerful testament to the transformative journey from caterpillar to butterfly, emphasizing the metamorphosis that one undergoes during the healing process.

The Necessity of the Course

Alaina’s rationale behind launching this course stems from a simple truth - to reach and heal more people. The limitations of traditional therapeutic settings and in-person group sessions motivated her to create a platform that transcends geographical and temporal boundaries. What sets her course apart is the integration of faith perspective with professional expertise, offering a rare blend that resonates with many who feel overlooked elsewhere.

The Power of Online Courses in Healing

Our discussion highlighted the incredible potential of online courses in extending the reach of helpful resources. Alaina’s course is designed to be accessible and engaging, breaking down complex healing processes into digestible sections. It’s not merely an educational venture but an empathetic guide for those looking to reclaim their lives from trauma’s shadow.

Unpacking the Value Proposition

One aspect of Alaina’s online course that struck me profoundly is its value-packed structure. It aims to save individuals time, energy, and the painstaking effort of sifting through an ocean of information. By providing a curated journey of healing, the course stands out as a lighthouse for those lost in the storm of betrayal trauma.

The Uniqueness of Alaina’s Approach

Alaina's uniqueness doesn't stop at her holistic approach; it's her genuine desire to help that truly sets her apart. The course isn't about profit-making but about making a difference. It's about ensuring that each participant feels seen, heard, and understood, making Alaina’s course not just an educational path but a journey toward self-discovery and healing.

Why Now is the Right Time

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. With an ever-growing waitlist in her practice, Alaina recognizes the urgent need for such a resource. Moreover, the course comes at a time when digital platforms have made learning and healing more accessible than ever. It represents a step towards destigmatizing betrayal trauma and fostering a supportive community for recovery.

Inviting You to Join the Journey

I invite you to delve deeper into this transformative experience by attending Alaina’s upcoming webinar, "The Path to Peace: Transforming Trauma from Hurting to Helping," scheduled for April 18, 2024, at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. It promises to be an enlightening session about understanding trauma and using it as a tool for transformation.

Ten Questions to Clarify the win When Making Your Online Course

  • Why are you making this course?
    • Identify the core reason behind creating your course. Elena wanted to reach more people than she could in a traditional therapy setting.
  • Why doesn't this exist already?
    • Consider what makes your course unique. Elena's course fills a gap by addressing betrayal trauma from a Christian faith standpoint, which she felt was underrepresented.
  • Why this audience?
    • Understand why you're drawn to help a specific audience. Elena's personal experiences with betrayal trauma informed her desire to help others in similar situations.
  • Why now?
    • Reflect on why it's the right time to launch your course. For Elena, it was about reaching a broader audience due to her full schedule and the limitations of one-on-one therapy.
  • Why do people need this product?
    • Think about the problem your course solves. Elena's course offers validation, understanding, and a path forward for people experiencing betrayal trauma.
  • Why will people want this?
    • Consider the emotional and practical appeal of your course. People will want Elena's course because it makes them feel seen, heard, and less alone.
  • Why would somebody pay for this?
    • Justify the value of your course. Elena's course saves people time and energy by providing concise, expert information and guidance.
  • Why would people buy from a competitor?
    • Acknowledge the competition and what they might offer that's different. Elena notes that people might choose a course from someone they feel a stronger personal connection with.
  • Why would people cross the street to buy from you?
    • Highlight what makes your course stand out. Elena emphasizes her authenticity, expertise, and the practical, immediate help her course offers.
  • Why does this matter?
    • Reflect on the broader impact of your course. Elena believes her course matters because it brings hidden issues into the light, helping to eradicate shame and promote healing.

These questions can serve as a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to create and launch an online course, ensuring that the course is not only market-ready but also deeply connected to the creator's expertise and passion.

For those entangled in the throes of betrayal trauma, or if you know someone who is, this course could be the ray of hope in the darkness. Visit Betrayal to for more details, and let’s embark on this healing journey together.


Alaina and I share a mission to empower and heal. Through her course and our collaborative efforts, we hope to create a world where the beauty of transformation is accessible to all. Thank you for listening, and we look forward to guiding you through your path to peace.

Learning Event April 18th, 2 pm EST

The Path to Peace: Transforming Trauma from Hurting to Helping - Register Today 

Benefits of Attending:

  • Understanding Trauma: Learn about the nature of trauma and its impact on the mind and body, helping you to recognize and validate your experiences.
  • Tools for Transformation: Gain a specific tool to help calm the chaos of trauma, allowing for clearer thinking and better decision-making.
  • Empowerment Through Knowledge: Discover how to teach your brain that you are safe, enabling you to move from surviving to thriving.
  • Community and Support: Connect with others who share similar experiences, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals who have experienced trauma and are seeking ways to heal and find peace.
  • Friends, family members, and professionals who support people affected by trauma are looking for insights and tools to assist effectively.
  • Anyone interested in understanding the effects of trauma on the brain and body, and how to transform these effects into positive outcomes.

What You Will Learn:

  • The contradiction of trauma responses and how to allow two opposing truths to coexist.
  • How to differentiate between the brain's perception of safety and actual safety, and how to reassure yourself.
  • The importance of recognizing trauma-informed choices and how to implement them in your daily life.
  • A practical tool for assessing situations through a trauma-informed lens, allowing for emotional regulation and thoughtful response.

Additional Features:

  • Downloadable Handout: Particapants will recieve a handout to complement the webinar
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Engage with Alaina and other participants in a live Q&A, providing an opportunity to share experiences and seek personalized advice.
  • Access to Recorded Session: Register to receive access to the webinar recording, allowing you to revisit the insights and tools shared by Alaina at your convenience.

Learning Event April 18th, 2 pm EST

The Path to Peace: Transforming Trauma from Hurting to Helping - Register Today 

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