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Finding Your Perfect Course Topic: Passion, Expertise, and Student Needs

Season #3

Identifying Your Ideal Online Course Topic with James Marland

In this episode of Scaling Your Therapy Practice, host James Marland guides mission-driven helpers and leaders on how to develop and launch impactful online courses. He shares a practical exercise using a Venn diagram that helps listeners identify their course topics by overlapping their expertise, passion, and their audienceā€™s needs. James explains the importance of aligning these three elements to create authentic and sellable courses, offering specific examples and guidance to assist with brainstorming. He also discusses how bringing content to life with fervor and authenticity can attract and retain students.

Show Highlights

  • 00:00 Welcome to Scaling Therapy Practice
  • 00:43 Introduction to Course Content
  • 01:08 Identifying Your Passion and Purpose
  • 01:40 The Venn Diagram Exercise
  • 03:40 Exploring Expertise and Passion
  • 07:09 Finding Joy and Expertise
  • 10:50 Understanding Student Needs
  • 12:35 Combining Expertise, Passion, and Needs
  • 14:16 Conclusion and Next Steps

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