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Using Digital Tools in Your Business with Amity Cooper | STP70

Season #3

In this episode of 'Scaling Therapy Practice,' host James Marland interviews Amnity Cooper, a distinguished figure in mental health and entrepreneurship. Cooper, who leads the Clinical Care Collective (C3) and the 'Do This First Bootcamp,' offers valuable insights on transforming therapists into successful business owners, emphasizing the integration of cutting-edge technologies in the post-pandemic world. She shares her vast experience in various industries, her journey into mental health, and how she's advocating for therapists to embrace new technologies like AI, wearables, digital therapeutics, and virtual reality to expand their reach and impact. The conversation also delves into overcoming the industry's challenges, including the notion of 'noble poverty,' by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. Furthermore, Cooper introduces her course designed to guide therapists through setting up their private practices, highlighting the importance of understanding one's value and the strategic use of technology to enhance services and personal growth.

Show Highlights

  • 00:00 Welcome to Scaling Therapy Practice
  • 00:32 Introducing Amnity Cooper: A Trailblazer in Mental Health
  • 05:06 The Power of Technology in Therapy: Embracing New Tools
  • 07:26 Navigating the Fast-Paced World of Tech in Therapy
  • 23:12 The Entrepreneurial Therapist: Breaking the Noble Poverty Myth
  • 31:41 Launching Your Therapy Practice: The Bootcamp Solution
  • 38:32 Wrapping Up: Book Recommendations and Final Thoughts