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Embracing Kajabi for Podcast Hosting: A Business-Savvy Decision

Season #3

Why Kajabi is My Go-To for Podcast Hosting

In this episode, James Marland, host of the Scaling Therapy Practice show, shares his reasons for using Kajabi as his podcast hosting platform and why it is a good business decision for the show. He emphasizes simplicity, value, and integration as the primary factors in his platform choice.

He explains how Kajabi offers a straightforward, integrated solution for hosting online courses, podcasts, and other digital products, all within one system. James highlights the ease of use, the all-in-one feature set, and the value for money as significant advantages.

However, he also discusses some limitations of Kajabi, including its ad monetization capabilities and analytics, comparing it with other platforms like Buzzsprout and Libsyn.

Additionally, he introduces the Kajabi Creator Program, an AI tool for content creation, and praises the support and community around Kajabi. James concludes by recommending Kajabi to anyone starting a podcast, especially those who wish to integrate it with their digital products or online courses.

Show Highlights

  • 00:00 Welcome to the Scaling Therapy Practice Show
  • 00:58 Why Kajabi is My Go-To for Podcast Hosting
  • 01:20 The Core Values Behind My Choices
  • 03:25 Exploring Kajabi's Features and Limitations
  • 06:26 The Decision to Choose Kajabi Over Others
  • 09:58 Enhancing Listener Engagement with Kajabi
  • 12:32 The Unmatched Support and Community of Kajabi
  • 14:46 Streamlining the Podcasting Process with Kajabi
  • 16:06 Final Thoughts on Using Kajabi for Podcasting

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