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STP 68 | Decoding Customer Needs and Product Awareness: Exploring the Psychology of Buying Decisions

Season #3

Understanding Customer Needs and Awareness in Marketing

In this episode of 'Scaling Therapy Practice,' James Marland discusses the crucial aspect of marketing that involves connecting with your audience by understanding customer needs and awareness levels. The conversation dives into why people make buying decisions and the importance of crafting messages that resonate with potential clients by identifying their explicit and implied needs. Eugene Schwartz's concept of the spectrum of awareness is highlighted, detailing the journey from being unaware of a problem to recognizing specific solutions and ultimately realizing the value of a particular product or service. The podcast offers insights into tailoring content to suit customer needs at different awareness stages. It emphasizes the importance of listening to customers to effectively market and design courses that address their problems and desires.

Show Highlights

  • 00:00 Welcome and Introduction to Scaling Therapy Practice
  • 00:20 Unlocking the Secrets of Customer Buying Decisions
  • 02:56 Diving Deep into Customer Needs: Implied vs. Explicit
  • 08:50 The Journey Through Customer Awareness Levels
  • 10:56 Crafting Effective Marketing Strategies Across Awareness Stages
  • 23:42 Concluding Insights: Understanding and Meeting Client Needs

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  • Pre-Trip Planning Guide: The Key to a Smooth Journey so you can examine your choices and start out with a good foundation

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