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Your Story is Your Strength | STP 2

The Scaling Therapy Practice podcast discusses the origin story of host James Marland and co-host David Hall and their journeys into the field of mental health. Marland was inspired by his mother to work with people in social services. Initially he pursued a career in accounting. However, after a near-death experience, Marland decided to focus his life on helping others and pursued a degree to become a youth minister. He eventually ended up working in mental health and has never left the field.

In the episode, Marland and Dr. Hall also discuss their goals for the Scaling Therapy Practice podcast. They want to provide practical and useful information for therapists looking to grow their practice and improve their skills. The podcast will cover a wide range of topics, including business development, marketing, and technology.

The Scaling Therapy Practice podcast is a valuable resource for therapists looking to improve their practice and provide better care to their clients. The show covers a variety of topics and offers practical advice for therapists at all stages of their careers. By sharing their own experiences and expertise, Marland and Dr. Hall aim to help therapists grow their practices and make a positive impact in the lives of their clients. Visit http://stp.psychmaven.com/ to discover your builder type.